Morten Harket: a retrospective

IMG_2490.JPG“Did you see it?”

“I saw it.”

“The way he blew his fringe off his face at the end?”

1985. 1984. Who knows? But A-ha were on Wogan’s early evening chat show, and as he finished singing his multi-octave song he stepped back and blew his sweaty fringe from his face.

My hand hit dial. Or hers. I can’t remember. Had she seen it? Had she felt it? We analysed this for hours. Today, we could have replayed it over and over again. Shared it. Tagged it. Never lost it.

I can’t find the clip. I have searched, believe me. I can’t find the fringe-blowing clip.

But I remember it. I remember it vividly. And a month ago I went to see A-ha with a whole new bunch of friends. I want to say that almost 30 years has put distance between me and the fringe-blowing incident.

It hasn’t.

IMG_1810.JPGWe might as well have been 14. Pizza before, squealing during and a Whopper on the way home, it all just goes to show that at 42 you’re only as young as you feel.

Nothing has changed. You can capture Morten and save him and share him. But nothing beats turning to your friend and saying ‘He is so beautiful.’

The music is awesome too. Totally underrated. My six year old deems ‘Stay on These Roads’ as the “best song he has ever heard.” My two year old has Take on Me on loop. Their new album Cast in Steel is REALLY good.

I am lucky to have met a group of friends who I can nudge and say: “He is so beautiful”.

Some things are timeless. Morten Harket, friendship and Whoppers are all those things.



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