Seen one, seen them all.

I found a belly button in my make up drawer today and I haven’t got a clue whose it is. If you need mementos and milestones at your fingertips, record it all AS IT HAPPENS.


FullSizeRender.jpgI found a belly button in my make up drawer today and I haven’t got a clue whose it is.

There’s another one in the box in BUB.3’s bedroom along with the remaining post c-section codeine tablets, a snot sucker and some nipple cream, so I’m guessing that’s hers. I have an inkling that BUB.1’s might be in a box in the study containing my first pregnancy notes, but I can’t be sure. So through a process of elimination, I am thinking that this crusty specimen is BUB.2’s.

Of course, in this ‘loose’ state, if you lined them all up I couldn’t tell the difference.

Aside from loose belly buttons, there are no other real mementos. No fingerprint lockets. No baby books full of important dates. I have a box of beautiful, unfilled scrapbooks. I have vague notions of who did what when, but most knowledge is based on what I can see in photos and videos.  I did make a list of BUB 1’s first words for a while…tree, moon, car…

I won’t ever have beautiful canvas prints of my family lining my stairs. If you asked me when the BUBs cut their first tooth I’d have to crank up iPhoto and search for a while and would probably give up after being distracted by photos of something else. I’m not very good at sending cards on time, or taking note of interesting recipes. Pinterest scares me to death.

When you have a baby, you think you’ll remember Every Single Thing. It’s all so vivid, so visceral. But you do forget. Memories blur into one and disappear as you make new ones. Children surprise and take your breath away every day (sometimes in horror, often in awe).

I have flashbacks and treasured moments. I can still feel the shock of the first cuddle, the pride at the first steps and the joy of the toothy grins. I just don’t need to know exactly when everything happened. It happened.

If you’re the sort of person who needs to have the dates, milestones and memories at your fingertips, I recommend you record it all AS IT HAPPENS. Not the day after, because something else will have happened by then and you’ll forget.

I’m only just realising that I don’t need to have all those facts. They don’t mean much to me. I’m just happy with the hugs today. Which is why I found a belly button next to my mascara this morning. Hey, it happens.

Pink Pear Bear

6 thoughts on “Seen one, seen them all.

  1. I hear you, sister. I was asked this week how much my six year old weighed at birth, and I had to wrack my brain to come up with a photo of him on the scale. There’s no such photo of my daughter, therefore I have no recollection. Great post!


  2. Ah I love this! My sisters both have 3 children and they warned me before I had my baby boy (he’s my first) that anything I do for the first child I probably won’t do for subsequent kids – expensive photo shoots, filling out a detailed baby book, getting his feet cast etc etc. So we made the decision not to do most of those things!! We have milestone baby cards so when I remember (basically just the age ones…) I take photos of him with those and I’ve blogged about a few things or jotted them down but like you say – it doesn’t matter. Knowing a date that their first tooth came through is not what makes a good mother! #bigpinklink


  3. Haha!! That’s brilliant that you found a crusty old belly button in your drawer!! That made me chuckle no end!! We sound very similar-I also have many empty scrapbooks, diaries, and a few of the ‘my first’ boxes that were given to us as gifts-still lying empty!! I did mean to fill them all in, but with baby 1, I was still in so much shock, and trying to survive every day, that it just never got done-there was just no time with baby 2!! I can give specific dates to when they both took their first steps, because the dates were significant!! Baby 1 took his on the day we bought a newborn baby 2 home from hospital, and baby 2 took his on his first birthday, so really easy to remember!! Other than that, like you, I can remember probably how many months old they were when they did these things! I’m just happy to be in the now also, and enjoy things as they come!! Thanks for linking to #bigpinklink


    1. I think the crusty old belly button in the make up drawer is a pretty accurate reflection of motherhood! The ‘now’ is the best place to be and frankly is there anytime to be anywhere else? Hardly! Loved my first few linky experiences, thanks for reading 🙂


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