Bad day at the office

What do Shreddies, boisterous dogs, hoodies, cheese, urine, removalists and oregano have in common? They all conspired to ruin my day.


IMG_0064Like any job, being at home with small children has its good and bad days. Today wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great so, just for fun, I thought I’d share some highlights in rough chronological order:

1. About 300 crushed Shreddies trodden into freshly-vacuumed rug.

2. Weird removalist couple who came to give us a quote for our upcoming move. I wanted them out of my house as soon as they stepped in, with their terrible lurgy virus, weight issues, wheezing, and their mealy-mouthed disapproving glances at our trampoline. The guy even sat on our bed and opened the top drawer of my bedside table. WTF?

3. Two strange dogs licking BUB.2’s face in the buggy on our walk, or more specifically their owner who got uppity when I asked REALLY politely if she could remove her dogs from my baby’s face please.

4. Hoodies entering the playground and converging on one and only climbing frame and refusing to budge when I pointed out it was for small children.  They just looked straight through me as if I was a ghost.

5. Several changes of trousers. Not mine.

6. Half a carton of dried oregano spilled all down BUB.2’s jeans and all over kitchen floor.

7. Strange, ever-stronger cheese smell in living room, suggesting unseen milk spillage.

8. Depressing and concerning structural survey on the house we are buying. The words “urine-soaked” featured.

Tomorrow is another day. And there’s still five more hours of this one.

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