Dawn of the Red

We woke up as usual and world had turned orange. Like someone had planted a bomb inside a gigantic packet of Cheesy Wotsits.


There was a story in the news this week about a photographer who accidentally snapped a sunrise marriage proposal at Bondi Beach.

It reminded me of a photograph Willy Wonka took one extraordinary morning in September 2009, six weeks after BUB.1 was born, at that very same spot.

We woke up as usual, opened the blinds and..woah. The world had turned orange. I don’t mean slightly orange (as if that was normal), I mean tangerine orange. Everything was bathed in an intense, misty orange glow. Like someone had planted a bomb inside a gigantic packet of Cheesy Wotsits.

Turning on the TV we found out that there had been a dust storm that had whipped up lots of red dust further inland in NSW and carried it out to Sydney. The morning sun was casting a martian red glow across the entire city.

Willy Wonka immediately ventured outside to photograph down at the beach while I stayed safely inside, fearful of what the dust might do to BUB.1’s lungs.

Lots of the amazing photographs taken that day by people made it to international news sites and I really wish I could have breathed some of the toxic air myself. The view from our apartment in North Bondi was breathtaking.

My favourite photo taken by Willy Wonka is this one, where he accidentally captured two people on the edge of the cliff. Little martian creatures, stuck to the side of the rocks.

It was one of those mornings when the world shifts on its axis a little. A day when you realise that life can really surprise you. A day when you just can’t shake a feeling of trepidation, excitement and awe. A day you relive in your mind from time to time, to remind yourself that you’re here.

The best kind of day.

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