Crazy Mummy


I’m new to blogging. Like, brand new. But the thing that has struck me about a lot of Mum blogs is the fact they are littered with references to insanity, craziness, chaos, tips to keep sane, tips to embrace the insanity. We’re one step from labeling ourselves hysterical here, and don’t get me wrong, I am sure to reference all of the above because sometimes you feel like your head is being squashed in a vice or you have to put your fist in your mouth to stop yourself from screaming.

BUT. What about about a bit more back-patting, self congratulation, recognition of the times you get it right, like most of the time when your children are fed, happy, clothed, content or laughing or you’re driving the car in a straight line while being bombarded with jammy dodgers?

I know parenthood isn’t rocket science but it is a labour intensive job, physical, very physical and it takes some degree of organisation, forethought and planning to get much of it done. There are no slack periods, no fag breaks, no lie ins, not much calm and a whole lot of noise,  so yes, it’s normal to feel crazy.

What am I saying? I don’t really want to hear how someone makes their own painting smocks from Dad’s old shirt, do I? No, you’re right, it IS more helpful to hear another Mum say she found her new sharpened tweezers in the toy box or found a cow pat in her child’s pants at the end of the day that she hadn’t noticed.

As you were.


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