Throw the vac around, love

12376858_10153945965675428_5930776459184289412_n.jpgBoobs leaking, eyes sagging, tears pricking: early motherhood is ripe for great big rows with your partner, especially when they helpfully suggest that perhaps you can vacuum while breastfeeding the baby in a sling. What?

Of course Willy Wonka, who is the most housework-sharing, hands-on Dad in the world, was trying to be helpful, wanting me to feel I could still go about ordinary life during those early, frustrating, wonderful, chaotic days when you are almost constantly feeding and each feed runs into the next, and your house is a tip and you can’t find the remote control let alone your marbles, but…perhaps he picked the wrong example activity.

But as time went on and I got used to wearing the baby in a carrier (Baby Bjorn and Hug-a-Bub early on, Ergo later) I found I could feed him as I did other things with my hands – not necessarily much bending, but things at eye level could be attended to or I could sit at the desk and type.

Not in the first few weeks when baby is a bit floppy, but as soon as he had a bit of substance, this was a really useful trick. Most sling and carrier manufacturers offer online tips and instructions on how to do this and it’s worth mastering if feeding is going well. Seriously, no one need every know you are doing it. Trying to maintain eye contact while you do it can be a bit tricky mind you.

I regularly laugh about my initial horror, particularly when standing in the queue for the self-service checkouts at the supermarket with baby having his lunch as I rummage around for my carrier bags.


2 thoughts on “Throw the vac around, love

  1. Love this!

    I did all the housework with Monkey in the sling for the first 6 or so weeks. On my 30th birthday I invited my new mummy friends around and spent the entire morning cleaning and prepping with the Monkey asleep or feeding. The best moment was opening the door to my first guest, the Monkey happily attached to the nip and my guest none the wiser. I felt like the Queen of Multi-tasking. It was immense! I could go anywhere and do anything because I knew he’d sleep soundly as soon as I wrapped him in the Kari-Me.

    Sadly though, this magic trick is no longer. The Monkey just isn’t comfy being squeezed to my bosom anymore – at 9.5 weeks he wants to face out. But his head is still a bit bobby so not sure it’s comfy enough for him to sleep like this. I feel a bit stuck at home because he hates his car seat, has outgrown the carrycot but isn’t so content in my Kari-Me. Do you recommend the Baby Bjorn or Ergo? Very tempted to invest. I have a hand-me-down Wilkinet, which is ok-ish and a Mothercare baby carrier which just doesn’t seem that comfy and isn’t close fitting enough. I need a super duper one if I’m going to keep ‘wearing’ the monkey.


    1. Thanks Clio! And I know, it’s such a lifesaver in those early days and then of course they want to be part of everything and look out. I DO recommend the Baby Bjorn for facing forward yes as long as it’s secured firmly or it can really drag your shoulders down, and in fact it’s not long before bub gets too heavy and it becomes very uncomfortable after only a short while. That said, we used ours for quite a while, and just got used to the shoulder ache afterwards!! Mine fell asleep facing forward too, and I’ve seen lots of babies dozing off, dribbling in them like that. But you might want to ask your sling/carrier experti friends if there is any alternative to the Baby Bjorn as it’s not so good for your shoulders/back. The Ergo is fab comfort-wise, but you can’t wear them facing forward in it which is a massive pain and not much fun for them. You can wear it on your back though but I didn’t do that much. It’s great for your shoulders/back compared to the Bjorn though but maybe not good for you if the idea is for Tom to face forward and enjoy the view. Love to hear what you go with and how it works out!


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