Procrasti…is that the time?

12496449_880841875348059_3108861405124203664_oIn procrastinating about writing I spend a lot of time reading about people who don’t read about how not to procrastinate and actually write.

I’ve always been this way. In the lead up to my final exams at university I became an ardent viewer of snooker on the telly. I can colour code for England. I make lists of things I have already done in order to feel the sensation of crossing out items. And now, as a mum, I dilly dally around the writing process, but in fairness, it’s often quite impossible to have the head space to write unless they are both a) asleep b) not in the house.

Some Mums write, or do other work while their charges play happily at their feet. Mine don’t seem to mind me doing anything except write. They adore being leaned head first into a washing machine as I try to stuff a load in. They’re happy for me to cook as long as they can clatter about with the utensils and stick dried pasta up their nostrils. I can fold clothes, put the bins out, scrape the mould from the bathroom tiles, clear out the cupboard under the stairs, as long as they are close and involved.

Because these things demand constant movement and boy do they love to see me move.

I’ve even considered an Alan Partridge-esque dictaphone. Youth hosteling with Chris Eubank sounds like fun some days, let me tell you.

I do get to do some writing on Saturdays when Willy Wonka takes the boys off my hands for an hour or two, in the evenings when they’re asleep (for about three hours before BUB.2 cries), and in the very near future I will be putting BUB.2 in the care of a childminder for five hours a week while BUB.1 is at preschool school for the day. Never enough though, is it?

If you have any other tips of finding time to write at home or around children I’d love to hear them. Together we could write the ultimate book on how to stop procrastinating.


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