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Tongue-tie: Can anyone give me a straight answer?

An unexpected breech caesarean section, BUB.3 first appeared to me as a long, bright pink, crying blur. “She’s got a tongue-tie which they say they can cut” Willy Wonka said, reassuring me she was OK as they checked her over on the table behind me. From something so certain, the first thing I heard about my daughter in fact, the… Read more →

Trash bag

Every pregnancy is different but there is one universal truth about pregnancy. Normal rules do not apply during pregnancy. As your body takes a one woman voyage to a land far, far away, your mind is also cast out to an obscure land where it is perfectly acceptable to fish baked bean-smeared trashy gossip magazines out of your neighbour’s wheelie… Read more →

Desert island pregnancy survival kit

Pregnant? Right, you’ll need a whole host of bizarre things like belly bands, belly belts, belly balm and breast pads won’t you? Hmm, well in trying to think of the things that I would quite like to have access to on a desert island if I was pregnant and washed up, I found it was everyday items that would be my essentials. Read more →

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