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Reproduction: Make my stamen go berserk.

Last week the Unmumsy Mum shared a photo that I posted on my Facebook blog page and it ended up on the newsfeed of almost half a million of her Facebook followers. It was a photo I’d taken in my parents garden of a cut down tree that resembled Julia Donaldson’s Stick Man with a big willy. On hearing about my Facebook fame, my Dad went out into the garden the very next day and chopped poor Dick Man into six pieces. I don’t think it’s quite what he hoped for his 43-year-old daughter. Read more →

The chat

Bath time yesterday: BUB.1 (squeezing his little balls): Look at my fishes! Have you got fishes that swim too Mum? Me: No, I have eggs. B.1: Why? Me: Because eggs turn into babies when the fishes meet up with them. B.1: How do they meet? Me: When Mummies and Daddies cuddle close the fishes can sometimes jump across! B.1: Do… Read more →

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