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Tongue-tie: Can anyone give me a straight answer?

An unexpected breech caesarean section, BUB.3 first appeared to me as a long, bright pink, crying blur. “She’s got a tongue-tie which they say they can cut” Willy Wonka said, reassuring me she was OK as they checked her over on the table behind me. From something so certain, the first thing I heard about my daughter in fact, the… Read more →

Throw the vac around, love

Boobs leaking, eyes sagging, tears pricking: early motherhood is ripe for great big rows with your partner, especially when they helpfully suggest that perhaps you can vacuum while breastfeeding the baby in a sling. What? Of course Willy Wonka, who is the most housework-sharing, hands-on Dad in the world, was trying to be helpful, wanting me to feel I could… Read more →

Breastfeeding on the move (or Boob with a View)

I have breastfed at the top of Centrepoint in Sydney, with 360 degree views of the city, on a very cramped semi-submersible boat on the Great Barrier Reef and on a pedalo in London’s glorious Regent’s Park. Choose your place wisely and everyone else will be too busy looking the other way. Read more →

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