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Oh dear lord, is that the time?

Whoops. I knew this blogging lark would bite me on the bum. I think it’s been about two months since I’ve written a single word, maybe more. In my defence, I’ve moved house in that time, and the evenings have mostly seen me glaring moodily at boxes and wondering where the puncture repair kit or the wine glasses are or what has happened to my larger jeans. Read more →

Beautiful Blogger Award – thank you!

Anyone who describes their blog as “A place to procrastinate when you should be folding washing,” is alright by me. Especially when they nominate me for an award. The lovely Laptop on the Ironing Board (formerly and cutely known as James James Morrison Morrison) nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger award. Isn’t that a pip?! As a mother of four,… Read more →

Crazy Mummy

I’m new to blogging. Like, brand new. But the thing that has struck me about a lot of Mum blogs is the fact they are littered with references to insanity, craziness, chaos, tips to keep sane, tips to embrace the insanity. We’re one step from labeling ourselves hysterical here, and don’t get me wrong, I am sure to reference all… Read more →

Procrasti…is that the time?

In procrastinating about writing I spend a lot of time reading about people who don’t read about how not to procrastinate and actually write. I’ve always been this way. In the lead up to my final exams at university I became an ardent viewer of snooker on the telly. I can colour code for England. I make lists of things… Read more →

Why did I start the DiscomBUBulated blog?

Life as a single woman was full of narrative. I could often been seen nodding knowingly to the lyrics of songs, and ruminating on the hows, whats and whys of every single sodding thing that happened to me. Having a baby has struck me dumb. Not a very promising preamble to a blog, is it? Read more →

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