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The Wife of Bath: the sequel.

  Four years ago I wrote a blog called The Wife of Bath in which I explained why I get in the bath with my small kids. BUB.3 was still a twinkle, the first two were 1 and 3. Today they are 3, 5 and 7. Looking through my list of 8 reasons that I used to swill about in… Read more →

Morten Harket: a retrospective

“Did you see it?” “I saw it.” “The way he blew his fringe off his face at the end?” 1985. 1984. Who knows? But A-ha were on Wogan’s early evening chat show, and as he finished singing his multi-octave song he stepped back and blew his sweaty fringe from his face. My hand hit dial. Or hers. I can’t remember. Had… Read more →

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