I’m a human boomerang. I began my journalism career in London in 1997 and ping-ponged back and forth between Sydney and London a couple of times before settling back in the UK where I work as a freelance writer. My career spans business, technology and marketing, the glittering hair and beauty world and the hilarious and heart-wrenching matter of parenting, and a number of tangents in between.

These tangents have seen me live in Australia for six years, gain Australian residency and then citizenship. They have seen me interview the man who discovered Oasis,  the founder of Moshi Monsters, kiss Davina McCall (on the cheek!),  interview the naked creator of The Lovers’ Guide (I wasn’t expecting him to take his clothes off for the photographs),  talk to Noel Edmonds about TV and meet my Mum’s teenage idol Adam Faith. I’ve interviewed CEOs of massive technology companies, I stood next to Bill Gates eating a hot dog and I’ve met Buzz Aldrin. I’ve ridden a donkey in Nazareth in a pencil skirt and floated in the Dead Sea, walked on hot coals in Dubrovnik, ridden down the Pacific Motorway in the Gold Coast on the back of a Harley Davidson, eaten crab in Jaffa and reindeer in Oslo and had my palm read inaccurately on Sydney Harbour.

Nothing has compared to the rollercoaster of having children, so I like to think my adventures, although closer to home now, are just as thrilling. They’re not, obviously,  but what I can muster, I muster on DiscomBUBulated, which was inspired by my three BUBs and my love of writing and of life’s surprises. We’ve recently been awarded Mumsnet Blog of the Day on several occasions and we’re excited to be here.


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