The Dukes of Berry – Kangaroo Valley to Jervis Bay

IMG_3425A sausage competition. A meat shop. Sun beating down on a beautiful landscape in the background. Two dudes in a Dukes of Hazzard car. Australia, right there in one picture.

This photo, taken in Berry in Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales, pretty much sums up Australia for me. Whenever we drove from Sydney to Jervis Bay we’d take the Kangaroo Valley route and visit Berry, a beautiful nugget of NSW.

IMG_2920The valley is two hours from Sydney or Canberra, and is all rolling green pastures, glittering creeks, fascinating wildlife and little towns like Berry where you can stop for an ice cream.

IMG_35003We didn’t see many kangaroos.*

IMG_34943But like most places in Australia, kangaroos or no kangaroos, once you’re there you can be in no doubt where you are in the world. You’re a long, long way from most other places but at that moment there is nowhere else in the world you’d rather be.

IMG_34372Australia is full of drama. Just as one minute you can be paddling in the shallows and the next minute swept out to sea by a rip, you can also be happily driving along, sunglasses on, only to glance back to see this behind you.

P1030628And sometimes, if you’re very lucky, once you arrive at your destination, for us beautiful Jervis Bay, you might get treated to something like this.

WHALE_BREECH_2_LR*There is a kangaroo’s bum photobombing one of these photos if you look closely.

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