In this parenting game, the mundane can so quickly become a heart-stopping moment that it’s worth wading through the acres of tears, nappies, spaghetti bolognese, dirty laundry, Lego and broken dreams to get there.

Like when you stoop to change the DVD for the thousandth time that day, only to overhear a conversation between a worldly five-year-old and his worried three-year-old brother:

BUB.2: I don’t want our baby to ever die.

BUB.1 She will be very old when she dies. So will you.

BUB.2. I don’t want to DIE!

BUB.1 Don’t worry, when you die you become other things. Your bones will grow wings and become a bird and your blood will become tree sap.

BUB.2: What, like an eagle?

BUB.1: Yes! Or a condor! Or a parrot!

BUB.2: Oh. I still don’t want to die though.

BUB.1: Well it’s OK, because gravity will keep you here on Earth for a long time yet.

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