Senior moment #1


Driving home from the supermarket today I was musing about how much younger and energetic I feel these days.

It’s been eight months since BUB.3 arrived and in that time not only have I shifted up from the reverse gear of pregnancy to at least second gear in terms of energy, I’ve also shifted two stone in weight (Slimming World, amazing, do it). I feel a bit more like me. I have gone from feeling barely alive to sometimes actually feeling alive.

Switching radio stations I congratulated myself on ditching my default Radio 2 habit and sometimes even preferring Radio 1 these days, like I did when I was what? 15?

A song was playing and I instantly loved it. It’s OK that Fearne Cotton didn’t mention the artist at the end, I thought, I’ll just remember the words and Google it when I get home, they’re etched on my mind now. I can add it to my Spotify playlist. I’m so down with it. Look at me in my leggings. They’re not even maternity ones.

I got home ten minutes later and couldn’t remember one single line, not even the chorus. Nothing.

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