Birds can’t…

2015-03-04 08.30.17-1Pretty much every morning on our walk to school, when the sun is shining, BUB.1 tells me he wishes he could fly.

“I wish I could fly Mum.”

“Oh well, birds can’t do lots of things you can.”

“What, Mum?”

“Birds can’t run fast like you can!”

“They don’t need to Mum, they can fly.”

“Birds can’t ride bikes.”

“They don’t need to Mum, they can FLY.”

“Birds can’t go to the seaside on holiday, actually they can, but they can’t eat ice cream!”

“But they like seeds Mum.”

“Birds can’t sleep in comfy beds though.”

“No, but they have comfy nests Mum.”

“Birds can’t play sports.”

“No, but they can FLY Mum.”

“Birds can’t watch television.”


Perhaps time to cut down on the viewing hours…

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