Reality cheque

I haven’t used my chequebook in a long, long time. This became evident today when I dug it out of an old box in order to write, and how retro I feel saying this, a couple of cheques for BUB.1’s upcoming school trips.

Crumpled, worryingly damp, a little dog-eared to say the least, it was no surprise to discover that the last time I used this chequebook was in 2002. I was still in my late 20s when I wrote those stubs and hadn’t even set foot in Australia yet. Eleven years ago.

Flicking back, I see that the final stub reads: “Rent/Phone/Wine”, which about sums up life back then. And from that, I moved directly to “Dick Whittington and his cats on Ice” as if no time had passed at all.

How the world changes.

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