I wish I had a girl balloon

photo(9)The circus rode into town this week and on a beautiful hot day what better way to spend an hour and three quarters than under a giant tent with two small children?

But surprisingly, the gamble paid off. The BUBs were mesmerised by the trampoline artists, the giant inflatable motorbike the clowns rode around the arena, the sword throwing, flame eating and BUB.2 clapped particularly wildly at the plate spinners.

As we emerged, into the hot evening air, I asked BUB.1 (aged 3) what his favourite part had been.

“The girl” he answered. Oh, the girl? The spangly minx with a cut-away leotard who spun 24 hula hoops around her middle and then spiraled and gyrated up a silk scarf all the way to the roof and down again?

When we got home, admiring our helium horse balloon souvenir, he was clearly still a bit flustered.

“I wish I had a girl balloon Mummy.”

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