Care to dance?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou can work out who your true friends are by looking around the dance floor at a party you have thrown.

At any such event, there will invariably be three groups of people. There will be those on the dance floor, with you, dancing to the tunes that you wish the DJ would not play. Then there are those at the bar wishing they had the courage to join you, or imbibing as much alcohol as they can in order to do so. Finally, there are those who are just glad they are nowhere near the dance floor, drunk or not.

Now, I have never thrown a party at which a formal dance floor was in operation, but I have attended many.

My observation stands: those absolute idiots making utter tits of themselves to “You can’t touch this” by MC Hammer will be those who appear at your lowest moments (other than this one) with offers of help and comfort.

Or probably more likely and more helpfully, booze.

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