Month: April 2013

Day trippers #3 and #4: Tring Natural History Museum and Bracknell Look Out Discovery Centre

Day trips. Sigh, we’ve been here before, haven’t we? In the dying days of the Easter holidays I’ve undertaken two. One to the Natural History Museum in Tring, stuffed to the rafters with stuffed creatures (and some models – the Dodo for instance). Read more →

I’m a slave 4 u

Today I went in my parents’ loft for Phase 1 of operation ‘Grow up and shove your own s*it in your own loft’.

In addition to seeking out a box of my university books, I was also hoping to discover some other treasures. Perhaps that lovely compendium of games I could pass onto my younglings, vintage fairy tale books, some dusty vinyl record sleeves we could laugh at in front of a roaring open fire (if we had one)?

What did I come down with? Read more →

The one that got away

Caroline was an absolute tonic who reminded me of a female Keith Chegwin. The smiley bits, not the revealing-his-bollocks-on-TV bits. She physically looked like the love-child of two of my best friends, so when she sidled up to me and asked to swap numbers, I was hopeful that I would no longer have to sit at red plastic tables and feed my child uncooked jacket potato and hard grated cheese in order to be social. Read more →

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