Day trippers #2: Bekonscot Model Village and Railway


I’ll be frank, I once ended up at a model railway exhibition. I say once, it was last year and it was probably the single most misjudged outing of them all, and there have been a few. I don’t know what I was playing at or what I expected but it wasn’t what I got which was terrifying, suffocating, cloying, disappointing and strange, and not in a good way.

But, moving on, if you’re a nerd like me and enjoy an atlas and those perspex-encased models you get in lobbies of the building you’re in, you’ll love Bekonscot Model Village and Railway in Beaconsfield.

Ok, so BUB.1 ignored requests not to touch the little railway and sent a train off course, but despite that minor upset, we loved everything about this place, especially the replica of Enid Blyton’s home and the teeny tiny grave being dug in the graveyard. Cute!

Leave the buggy in the car if you can as the walkways get quite crowded when it’s busy. Actually, it’s the kind of place you wish would experience an evacuation (false alarm) so that you could sneak round really quickly on your own. Or wish you could phone up the day before and pretend to be Michael Jackson, but that ship has sailed I guess.


There’s the obligatory train ride, some remote controlled boats as well as a playground and a cafe, all the necessities of a Day Out.

But the village is the main draw and it’s definitely worth a gander before your kids get too old. You’d feel a bit silly otherwise.

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