Month: December 2012

Day trippers #2: Bekonscot Model Village and Railway

I’ll be frank, I once ended up at a model railway exhibition. I say once, it was last year and it was probably the single most misjudged outing of them all, and there have been a few. I don’t know what I was playing at or what I expected but it wasn’t what I got which was terrifying, suffocating, cloying, disappointing and strange, and not in a good way. Read more →

Day trippers #1: Paradise Park

Day trips. Shudder. Most places we visit that require an entrance fee are at best a bitter disappointment and at worst a bitter regret.
Not only have you been robbed of the best part of a “pony”, you’re also left with rancid indigestion if you fall foul of the cafeteria and spend the majority of the day ankle deep in urine and loo roll as you trudge back and forth to the loos. Read more →

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