Month: September 2012

F*** festivals

We’ve all seen them, the young family at the music festival, all floaty and serene, who appear to be having it all. Who says having a baby means the end of your music festival days they seem to be saying, the smug bastards. Quite. Well that was us yesterday. We chose the most middle aged festival to attend, Radio 2… Read more →

Trash bag

Every pregnancy is different but there is one universal truth about pregnancy. Normal rules do not apply during pregnancy. As your body takes a one woman voyage to a land far, far away, your mind is also cast out to an obscure land where it is perfectly acceptable to fish baked bean-smeared trashy gossip magazines out of your neighbour’s wheelie… Read more →

Crazy Mummy

I’m new to blogging. Like, brand new. But the thing that has struck me about a lot of Mum blogs is the fact they are littered with references to insanity, craziness, chaos, tips to keep sane, tips to embrace the insanity. We’re one step from labeling ourselves hysterical here, and don’t get me wrong, I am sure to reference all… Read more →

Chafing hell!

I miss the bright blue Australian sky and the opportunity that warm temperatures offer to never really get properly dressed, but since having children I just can’t stand the heat anymore. I know it’s a cliché, the Brit who spends all year moaning about the weather and then as soon as the mercury hits 25 whips out a fan and… Read more →

Things I accept I will never do again

We all complain about not being able to do stuff we used to, but I find it helps to think of the things I accept I will never do again. Here are just five. There are about five million more. I’ll never call my ex boyfriend while drunk pretending I am locked out of my house only for him to… Read more →

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