Jiggling jukebox

3481.jpgAn odd thing happened the first time I massaged BUB.1 – I suddenly burst into Mull of Kintyre by Paul McCartney.

I moved on from the confusion, embraced the moment and changed the words “Mull of” to his similar sounding name, and it became his song.

But it didn’t end there. Motherhood has turned my brain into a jukebox of random and predominantly cheesy 1970s  tunes that start playing each time I tend to my small charge’s daily needs. Songs from my childhood that I had no idea were stored there, or anywhere, like shuffle mode from a time before iPods. A time before Walkmans.

I’ve turned them into an iTunes playlist. The other morning I caught BUB.1 softly singing Leo Sayer’s “When I need you” to himself as he spooned Ready Brek into his mouth and I felt a warm glow all of my own.

Here is a track list. Be warned, it’s startling and confusing. It’s concerning.  And it is ever-growing.

Brotherhood of Man – Angelo
DISCO – Ottawan
Hands up – Ottawan (I know!)
Don’t give up on us – David Soul
It’s too late – Carole King
More than I can say – Leo Sayer
When I need you – Leo Sayer (What’s with Leo Sayer? What is happening here?)
Thunder in my Heart – Leo Sayer
When will I see you again? – The Three Degrees
You don’t have to say you love me – Dusty Springfield
You’re so Vain – Carly Simon
Winter’s Tale – David Essex
Thank you for the music – Abba
Baby, now that I’ve found you – The Foundations

Yeah, I know. Anyway, let’s make a compilation! I would love to hear your jiggle list (complete with any word/name changes).

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