Teenage dirtbag

IMG_0222Everyone is different, but generally during pregnancy your skin acts a bit weird. It can get dry and spotty and patchy. Sometimes it gets itchy.

Your mind may become more curious. As a teenager, I spent a lot of time in the “religion and spirituality” section of the local library, trying to find evidence of life after death or poltergeists or astral projection (or anything!), and once again the prospect of becoming a mother made me reflect on the bigger questions, this time with the more sensible help of Professor Brian Cox and Richard Dawkins.

Also, on the topic of larger issues, I was troubled by badly fitting jeans as my thighs expanded. Not since I turned 13 have I looked down at myself and wondered who the fat guy was sitting on my lap. Clumsiness became the bane of my life, as I lumbered out of balance between cake shops, ricocheting off cheese counters, slinging jam jars out of the fridge and tripping over my no longer visible feet.

In the process of becoming a bona fida paid up member of adulthood, pregnancy also turns us into a surly, spotty, stretch-marked, sweaty teenager for one final hurrah. Hurrah!

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