Goo Goo Google

When I first starting NAK-ing, I had no idea what many of the acronyms like NAK, TTC, AF, or DD, DS, OH, DTD, DP, BD, YANBU or IMHO meant, IYSWIM?

Pluck any question about pregnancy or parenthood out of your head, go online and be prepared to be insulted, confused, angered, startled, more confused and frustrated. The web is GREAT for product reviews, but you also have to accept that 50 percent of people will love what you want to buy and 50 percent will hate it and you’re better off going to a shop and seeing it or borrowing one to try first. It can offer instant reassurance but real medical problems are best dealt with by a doctor and advice on baby names or holiday destinations are so personal you might we as well send a message out to outer space for answers.

Still can’t break the habit though, LOL!

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