Month: August 2012

Throw the vac around, love

Boobs leaking, eyes sagging, tears pricking: early motherhood is ripe for great big rows with your partner, especially when they helpfully suggest that perhaps you can vacuum while breastfeeding the baby in a sling. What? Of course Willy Wonka, who is the most housework-sharing, hands-on Dad in the world, was trying to be helpful, wanting me to feel I could… Read more →

Procrasti…is that the time?

In procrastinating about writing I spend a lot of time reading about people who don’t read about how not to procrastinate and actually write. I’ve always been this way. In the lead up to my final exams at university I became an ardent viewer of snooker on the telly. I can colour code for England. I make lists of things… Read more →

Row row row your boat

If I am ever asked what I would like for Mother’s Day, for the rest of my life I will answer:  “What I got in 2010.” We were traveling as a threesome to Blueys Beach, three hours north of Sydney, for the weekend and we’d booked one hour  kayaking each on Smiths Lake. I hadn’t been in a kayak for… Read more →

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