Month: July 2012

Rhyme Time (or Swine Time)

Rhyme time, what a lovely idea. Take baby or toddler along to your local library once a week for half an hour of familiar songs and enthusiastic hand gestures. Sounds good, sign me up. Little did I know that from the earliest age BUB.1 didn’t give a sh*t if Polly put the kettle on and would rather climb the bookshelves, mount… Read more →

Swimming lessons: In at the deep end

Some queries posted on Mum forums and email support groups could have left me doubting my credentials as a responsible mother but actually made me want to stick pins in my eyes. None more so than the woman who queried how “loud and echoey” a local swimming pool was, fearful of the effect the experience might have on her son. What? Read more →

Why did I start the DiscomBUBulated blog?

Life as a single woman was full of narrative. I could often been seen nodding knowingly to the lyrics of songs, and ruminating on the hows, whats and whys of every single sodding thing that happened to me. Having a baby has struck me dumb. Not a very promising preamble to a blog, is it? Read more →

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