Disco boats

Disco boats

I love The Wizard of Oz. Always have done. In many ways my journey is like Dorothy’s, with an escape to Oz, a magical journey filled with wonderful people and a return home. BUB.1 knows I love The Wizard of Oz. But he is only five. He plays with my ruby slipper necklace, he loses … Continue reading

What was that?

What was that?

Our walk to school at the moment is peppered with fiery red leaves, conkers, glittering spider webs and questions. The other morning, as we emerged from the end of our road, it started. Continue reading

Any day…

I can’t remember who it was, but a celebrity recently answered one of those short, snappy magazine interview questions with an answer that I just can’t shake off. “If you could live any day of your life again, what would it be?”, to which she answered: “Any day when my children were small.” Wow. Not … Continue reading


We moved to a different room and a mobile scanner was wheeled in, and all the while I was mouthing to Willy Wonka, in a Les Dawson-style whisper “She isn’t, she won’t be, she’s not.” She was. Continue reading

The best and the worst time

I’ve just had possibly the finest few hours of my parenting life. The BUBs played “vets and jungles” while I pottered in my slippers. The baby slept straight after breakfast which left the boys to have a snowman bath bomb, full of delightful squealing and mutual drenching. When she woke up the baby got in … Continue reading

Senior moment #1

A song was playing and I instantly loved it. It’s OK that Fearne Cotton didn’t mention the artist at the end, I’ll just remember the words and Google it. I can add it to my Spotify playlist. I’m so down with it. Continue reading